Everybody has a craft, skill, or business that they are great at. That passion is what drives them and what they should be spending all of their energy on. What can slow you down are the other things that are required to make a business successful. You need to build your website. Your story needs to be told. You need to connect with your customers on social media. Trying to handle these yourself can distract you from your passion, distract you from the things you would rather be doing and honestly, it shows.


Let us spend those hours in front of the computer screen for you, because you have work to do.



Joseph Kolasinski


About Pixel and Spoke

Hello, my name is Joseph Kolasinski. Having worked 18 years in the craft and fine art fields, I am experienced in both the gallery and artist sides of the business. I specialize in working with small businesses, a situation that demands a wide range of skills. I have experience in all aspects of making, marketing, selling, packaging, and delivering fine art, craft, and studio furniture.

In 2014 my wife and I moved to downtown Phoenix, AZ from Bethlehem, PA in pursuit of better bicycle riding weather and to begin our life together. It was time for me to make my passions for good design, working with small businesses and getting on my bicycle an everyday reality.

Let’s Talk

Ready to take the next step? Let’s start talking about your project. Whether it’s just a quick look at your site to gather a few ideas, or if you’ve got everything ready to build, I’m happy to help out, take a look, share some ideas and start working together. Give me a call or use the form below to send a message.